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Pirogoeth's Graphics

A place for me to post my various graphic projects

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Hello there! I'm av_chick and this is my graphics community. I had another journal for it but it became a pain to hop between the two journals. So I started this.

I have been making icons for a while now. I've recently gotten into the 20in20 challenges and a few other communities that regularly have graphics challenges. So this is a place for me to post not only the icons, but the other graphics (wallpapers, Magic: The Gathering cards, signature banners) that I come up with.

Bases will be clearly pointed out. Tags will be used to sort out the icons. The Graphics Garage is a website with all of the stuff posted here sorted into their show/movie/category instead of batch. So if, say, you wanted to see all the New Doctor Who icons I've made, head over there and check it out!

I do ask that you give credit when you snag something for use. av_chick is who the credit should go to. Thanks! I hope you enjoy what I manage to make.